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Long Term Disability Appeals

Long Term Disability Appeals

When you suffer injuries or illnesses that prevent you from working, long term disability benefits provided by your employer can provide a safety net. When benefits you are otherwise entitled to are denied, however, it can come as a shock. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Insurers routinely find reasons to deny long-term disability claims, but you do have the right to file an appeal. The following are important tips to follow during this process.  

What to do When Filing a Long Term Disability Appeal

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) protects your rights regarding employer-provided benefits. It also provides guidelines for filing appeals when long term disability insurance or other benefits are denied. If you have received notice of a denied long term disability claim, there are some important things you can do to help yourself during the appeals process. These include: 

  • Request your claim file. Ask to see all documents related to your case and any evidence the insurer used in denying your long term disability claim. 
  • Keep copies of all correspondence. Keep a file containing a copy of your filed claim, your denial notification, and any other documents you receive. 
  • Keep track of timelines. ERISA provides specific timelines insurers are required to follow in terms of the review and notification process. 
  • Provide supplemental information. Written reports from your doctor and statements from family members or friends can increase the odds of your claim being approved.  

What NOT to do When Appealing Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

Disability benefits can help to protect your financial security, both now and in the years to come. In addition to taking actions to help your case, there are also important things you should avoid doing when appealing a denied long-term disability claim. These include: 

  • Do not miss important deadlines. Look for notifications in the mail regarding deadlines for filing appeals and submitting additional information. 
  • Do not send claims related documents by regular mail. When corresponding with insurers about your case, send everything via USPS certified mail
  • Do not discuss your pending appeal. Avoid discussing the matter with friends, neighbors, or co-workers, and avoid posting about it on social media. 
  • Do not attempt to appeal a denied disability claim on your own. Guidelines for filing disability appeals are complex, and insurers are experts at finding reasons to deny claims. For the best possible outcome, get legal guidance from an experienced long-term disability/ERISA attorney.    

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