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Posted In: ERISA

If You Become Terminally Ill, Communicate with Your Life Insurer About Keeping Coverage in Force

Employees in Chicago with group life insurance and accidental death coverage through their employers rarely think about that life insurance as much as those who buy individual policies…

26 Feb, 2021
Posted In: ERISA

Discovery into Long Term Disability Insurers’ Underwriting Records Can Be the Difference Between Winning and...

If you have a long term disability claim in Chicago, depending on the location of the headquarters of your employer, you may benefit from a state insurance regulation…

24 Feb, 2021
Posted In: Blog

What to Do About the Long Term Disability Insurer’s Characterization of Your Occupation

I often get calls from long term disability claimants in Chicago puzzled about how an insurer labeled their occupation. Sometimes it happens at the initial claim, but often…

22 Feb, 2021

Underlying Medical Conditions Can Complicate Accidental Death Insurance Claims

Beneficiaries of life insurance and accidental death insurance policies in Chicago often get a claim denied when an insurer sees there was a chronic medical condition. The insurer’s…

20 Feb, 2021
Posted In: Blog

Waste No Time Getting Your Long Term Disability Lawsuit Filed

I frequently get asked how long a long term disability claimant has to file a lawsuit after the insurer issues a final denial on the claim. The answer…

17 Feb, 2021

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