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How to Approach Long-Term Disability Insurers Evading Bans on Discretionary Clauses

People in Chicago and the rest of Illinois with long-term disability insurance receive great protection from the Illinois Department of Insurance banning discretionary clauses in disability and health…

14 Apr, 2021
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What to Do When Long Term Disability Insurer Relies on Doctors with Shaky Opinions?

Employees in Chicago whose long-term disability insurance claims were denied often have a common frustration. The insurer denied the claim based on the opinion of a doctor who…

12 Apr, 2021
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Tips to Assert Cognitive Impairments in a Long-Term Disability Claim

Individuals in Chicago making a claim under an employer-provided group long-term disability insurance policy frequently assert they have a cognitive decline due to the physical ailments from an…

09 Apr, 2021
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How to Consider Long-Term Disability Insurers’ File Review Medical Opinions

Chicagoans with long-term disability insurance coverage through an ERISA-governed disability plan often are perplexed by how an insurer’s doctors who never examined the client can disagree with their…

07 Apr, 2021
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Tips When Your Doctor Gives Erroneous Restrictions and Limitations to the Long-Term Disability Insurer

Employees in Chicago with long-term disability insurance under an employer’s group policy frequently lament that their own doctor gave a statement to the insurance company causing a termination…

05 Apr, 2021

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