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Timing of Denial of Your Long-Term Disability Appeal Affects Standard of Review

Employees in Chicago with denied claims for long-term disability under an employer’s group disability insurance policy, enforced under ERISA § 502(a), need to hawk the insurer’s compliance with time…

30 Apr, 2021
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Proving How Your Impairments Relate to Your Job in Long-Term Disability Claims

People in Chicago with long-term disability insurance coverage make a common mistake in making their disability claim, or appealing the insurer’s denial. They often do not submit any…

28 Apr, 2021
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What to Do When Your Long-Term Disability Benefits Are Terminated After Years of Receiving Them

Many former employees in Chicago receive long-term disability insurance from their former employer’s group plan or insurance policy. Often, once you start receiving long-term disability benefits under an…

26 Apr, 2021
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What to Do When Long-Term Disability Insurer Seeks Extension of 45-day Deadline

Employees in Chicago who appeal a long-term disability insurance denial under a group policy enforced under ERISA § 502(a) almost always get the dreaded letter around 45 days…

23 Apr, 2021
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What to Know When a Long-Term Disability Insurer Says You Can Sit “Frequently”?

Individuals in Chicago and around Illinois with long-term disability insurance claims get frustrated when the insurer denies the claim asserting the person can sit “frequently,” and stand and…

21 Apr, 2021

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