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Posted In: Health Insurance

Ban on Discretionary Clauses in Health and Disability Insurance Policies Upheld; Discovery Still Limited in...

Ever since the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Bruch, 489 U.S. 101 (1989), nearly every employee benefit plan and insurance policy…

02 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Severance

You Don’t Always Have to Lose Your Job to Receive Severance Benefits

There appears to be a widespread assumption among employees and executives in Chicago and the rest of Illinois that severance plan benefits are only available if a worker…

28 Feb, 2011
Posted In: Fiduciaries

What Happens When Your Health Insurance Administrator Tells You a Procedure is Covered, but then...

This is an issue that has surely plagued every employee, executive or partner in Chicago and the metropolitan area before. You have health insurance coverage through a group…

25 Feb, 2011

DOL Issues Agenda for Hearing on Proposed Regulation Changing the Definition of “Fiduciary”

Workers and retirees all over Chicago and the rest of Illinois may soon receive more protections from the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor has issued an…

18 Feb, 2011

The Need to Consult an ERISA Lawyer Before Signing a Severance Agreement

Workers in Chicago and the Midwest now have even more compelling of a reason to consult an ERISA lawyer before signing a severance agreement. In late January, the…

14 Feb, 2011

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