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Why Some Long Term Disability Claimants with Cancer Struggle in Obtaining Benefits

Disability insurance plan participants in the Midwest and Chicago may be surprised to learn that a person with cancer claiming disability benefits through an employer’s plan would have…

21 Mar, 2011

Some Long Term Disability Plans Still Ignoring Awards of Social Security Disability Benefits

Employees and executives in Chicago may still be experiencing frustration with ERISA long term disability plan administrators when the worker qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, yet…

18 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Fiduciaries

Pre-authorization for Surgery, but Insurance Denies Claim After the Procedure (Again)

Yet another case in the Midwest (Wisconsin to be exact) went up on appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago where an employee sought the…

16 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Health Care Reform

DOL Announces Public Forum on Automatic Enrollment into Employers’ Health Plans

Employees and executives in Chicago will in the near future experience automatic enrollment into health insurance as part of their employee benefits. The Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced…

14 Mar, 2011

24-Month Limitations on Mental Health Disability Coverage and When They Can Be Challenged

Many, if not all, long term disability (“LTD”) insurance policies, including those covered by ERISA, contain a clause that states some variation of “if Employee’s disability, as determined…

13 Mar, 2011

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