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Posted In: Health Insurance

Are Employees Stuck with Hospital Bills When the Employer Fails to Pay the Health Insurance...

Many businesses over the past several years have been struggling, especially small businesses. For various reasons, including impending bankruptcy, garnishment of a bank account by a creditor, or…

12 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Health Insurance

Accidents Resulting in Aggravation of Prior Condition Raise ERISA Subrogation and Reimbursement Problems

Employees in Chicago currently suffering from a condition commonly find themselves involved in an auto accident, or some other accident where a third party caused them injuries. Often,…

11 Mar, 2011

Suffering from a Condition which Objective Tests Do Not Show Does Not Disqualify You for...

Employees and executives in Chicago and the Joliet area who suffer from certain diseases and syndromes such as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome face an uphill battle if…

10 Mar, 2011

DOL Extends Public Comment Period on Testimony Regarding Proposed Regulation Redefining “Fiduciuary”

Participants and beneficiaries of retirement plans in Chicago and the rest of Illinois will soon have opportunity to review the testimony presented to the Department of Labor (“DOL”)…

09 Mar, 2011

Illinois Legislators Mull a Tax on Retirement Income

Today’s edition of the Chicago Tribune contained an article describing Senate President John Cullerton’s suggestion of placing an income tax on retirement income, both from plans covered by…

08 Mar, 2011

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