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Posted In: Fiduciaries

ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty for Failing to Notify Profit Sharing Plan Participant of How...

Executives and employees with retirement plans in Chicago, and nearly everywhere else, now change employers with greater frequency than they did 50 years ago. Long gone are the…

27 Sep, 2011
Posted In: Fiduciaries

The Only Question in ERISA Fees Litigation Should Be Whether the Fees Are Reasonable

Nearly every employee of any Chicago-based employer is a participant in some sort of retirement plan offered by the employer: pension plan, cash balance plan, or a 401(k)…

20 Sep, 2011
Posted In: Pension Plans

Spousal Waiver of Survivor Benefit Upheld by Seventh Circuit

Beneficiaries of employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts often find themselves in disputes with each other as to whom is really entitled to the 401(k) or profit sharing plan account…

16 Sep, 2011
Posted In: Pension Plans

Seventh Circuit Rejects Argument Again that a 401(k) Plan Paid Excessive Fees for Retail Class...

Few employees that participate in an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan question whether the plan is paying excessive fees to the funds it offers as investment options. We often just…

07 Sep, 2011
Posted In: Pension Plans

Cost of Living Adjustment Is a Protected Accrued Benefit in Pension Plans

Employees and Retirees in Chicago that are participants in a pension plan should be concerned about a cost of living adjustment (“COLA”) in their pension plans. A COLA…

02 Sep, 2011

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