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Posted In: Health Insurance

Can a Same Sex Partner in Illinois Now Become a Surviving Spouse Under Your Pension?

After Illinois’ recent passage of the Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act, some Chicago and Illinois workers are wondering whether, or even assuming that, their same sex partners…

03 Feb, 2011
Posted In: Severance

As Corporate Downsizing Is on the Rise, So Is Mishandling of Severance Cases by Attorneys

With every dip in the economy and rise in unemployment, we see a rise in the number of involuntary separations of service (i.e., layoffs). Many workers who have…

27 Jan, 2011

Misclassifying You as an Independent Contractor May Deny You Benefits Due

Many employers in Chicago and the rest of Illinois misclassify workers as independent contractors in order to avoid paying payroll taxes for those workers and providing them with…

20 Jan, 2011

Chicago Area Supplemental Retirement Plans in Jeopardy

If you are one of the many people in Chicago fortunate enough to have been provided with a supplemental retirement plan at work, that retirement plan may be…

13 Jan, 2011

If You Are Receiving Disability Payments, Look (at Your Policy) Before You Leap (Employers)

Many people in Chicago who are covered by a group long term disability plan at work, and who receive disability payments at some point feel well enough to…

06 Jan, 2011

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