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Posted In: ERISA

Michael Bartolic Wins Another Pension Dispute Under ERISA § 502(a)

Employees in Chicago receiving pension benefits, often through a union-sponsored multi-employer pension plan, rarely see exactly how the pension benefits are calculated. It becomes even more complicated when…

06 Oct, 2021
Posted In: Blog

Importance of Vocational Analyses in Long-Term Disability Claims

Employees in Chicago with long-term disability claims often ask why an insurer denied their claim if it had all the medical records. There can be a variety of…

28 Jun, 2021

Pitfalls When Your Employer Changes Long-Term Disability Insurance Companies

Employees in Chicago and all around Chicago frequently have long-term disability insurance coverage through an employer’s group insurance policies. Unlike individuals who buy individual disability insurance policies, the…

14 Jun, 2021

How Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials Affect Other Benefits

Employees in Chicago claiming long-term disability insurance under the employer’s group policy, governed by ERISA § 502(a), face a number of challenges. One of them is that the policies…

09 Jun, 2021
Posted In: Blog

Common Pitfalls in Making Long-Term Disability Claims for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Individuals in Chicago with employer-sponsored long-term disability insurance coverage often face obstacles when becoming disabled due to Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is especially so if the…

26 May, 2021