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How Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials Affect Other Benefits

Employees in Chicago claiming long-term disability insurance under the employer’s group policy, governed by ERISA § 502(a), face a number of challenges. One of them is that the policies…

09 Jun, 2021

Important Factors When Injuries and Illnesses Combine in an Accidental Death

Individuals in Chicago who make claims for accidental death insurance often find the process a frustrating disagreement over facts. This rarely happens over basic life insurance, where the…

19 May, 2021

When Accidents Are Not Accidents for Accidental Death Insurance

Individuals in Chicago with accidental death insurance coverage, especially those governed by ERISA § 502(a), should closely read their insurance policies. Often you buy such coverage to give enhanced…

12 May, 2021

Who to Sue When Life Insurance Company Never Got Evidence of Insurability?

Beneficiaries of employees in Chicago with group life insurance or accidental death insurance coverage through work face difficulty when the life insurance company denies the claim on an…

02 Apr, 2021

Is a Death Covered by Accidental Death If an Illness Made the Injury More Likely?

Nothing is worse than having a loved one pass away unexpectedly, except for an insurance company then saying the accidental death insurance coverage does not apply because the…

26 Mar, 2021