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Successful Chicago ERISA attorney Michael Bartolic focuses on cases of long term disability under ERISA.

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Four Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer Who Focuses on ERISA Claims

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a complex federal law that regulates the overwhelming majority of employer-backed group benefits plans. This includes most retirement plans and…

19 Feb, 2019

Know What Law Governs Your Long-Term Disability Benefits by Working with the Attorney

Before speaking with an ERISA long-term disability lawyer, employees in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois with employer sponsored long-term disability benefits often are not aware either state or…

16 Nov, 2015

Court Overturns Long Term Disability Termination Based on Lack of Objective Evidence

Chicago area employees participating in an employer sponsored retirement plan that holds the employer’s stock, or an employee stock ownership plan (“ESOP”) have reason to rejoice. Yesterday, the…

27 Jun, 2014

Department of Labor Clarifies Meanings of “Marriage” and “Spouse” in ERISA

If you are an employee in Chicago, chances are your employer provides you with one or more employee benefits governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”),…

27 Sep, 2013

Fiduciary of Retirement Plans Liable Because of Losses Attributable to Investment in Subprime Mortgage Backed...

Millions of Americans have lost a significant amount of their retirement savings due to the collapse of the subprime mortgage backed securities market. While several groups of plaintiffs…

10 Feb, 2012