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Category: Health Insurance

The law firm of Michael Bartolic, LLC represents clients who are entitled to reimbursement for procedures and surgeries that were supposed to be covered under their health insurance plan.

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Posted In: ERISA

Bad Faith Insurance Practices and Health Care Denials

Health insurance provided through your employer helps to offset the high costs of medical care. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurers to act in bad faith, resulting…

27 Oct, 2020

Five Common Reasons for Being Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability (LTD) benefits available through your employer help to protect you in the event that accidental injuries, illnesses, or chronic health conditions make you unable to…

29 Sep, 2020
Posted In: ERISA

Healthcare Discrimination: Obtaining Your Benefits

Health care benefits available through your employer help to protect you and your family while defraying the high costs of medical treatment. However, not all employers are required…

01 Sep, 2020
Posted In: Health Insurance

Assessing Your Long Term Disability Risks

Long term disabilities (LTD) can happen suddenly or due to ongoing health issues. Most people think it will never happen to them, but statistics show otherwise. Large numbers…

18 Aug, 2020
Posted In: ERISA

When an Employer Retaliates Against You for Filing a Benefit Claim

Employer-provided benefits help to ensure your family’s continued financial security. They protect you when unexpected events occur and provide you with an income once you reach retirement age.…

07 Jul, 2020