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Our successful life insurance attorneys represent clients with disputes over life insurance benefits under ERISA law.

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Posted In: Health Insurance

Insurers’ Practice of Accepting Premiums and Later Denying Coverage May Come Under Fire in Wake...

Employees covered by a group health or life insurance plan in Chicago have all heard the stories of the insurer that accepted premium payments for years, and suddenly…

18 May, 2011
Posted In: Health Insurance

Getting a Lawyer Involved in a Disability Case Immediately Is Critical

Often, disabled employees and executives in Chicago and the Midwest call on a lawyer for help with a claim for disability benefits under a disability insurance policy provided…

31 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Life Insurance

Voluntary High Risk Behavior Can Affect Your Right to Benefits Under an AD&D Policy

Many employers in Chicago and the Midwest provide employees with various types of insurance in the benefits package, including life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance (“AD&D”).…

24 Mar, 2011
Posted In: Health Insurance

Are Employees Stuck with Hospital Bills When the Employer Fails to Pay the Health Insurance...

Many businesses over the past several years have been struggling, especially small businesses. For various reasons, including impending bankruptcy, garnishment of a bank account by a creditor, or…

12 Mar, 2011