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Posted In: ERISA

Michael Bartolic Wins Another Pension Dispute Under ERISA § 502(a)

Employees in Chicago receiving pension benefits, often through a union-sponsored multi-employer pension plan, rarely see exactly how the pension benefits are calculated. It becomes even more complicated when…

06 Oct, 2021

How Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials Affect Other Benefits

Employees in Chicago claiming long-term disability insurance under the employer’s group policy, governed by ERISA § 502(a), face a number of challenges. One of them is that the policies…

09 Jun, 2021
Posted In: Blog

Illinois’ Ongoing Pension Crisis and What it Means to You

After decades of devoting your time and talents to a particular company, your pension benefits help to ensure you are provided for in the future. Unfortunately, these types…

15 Sep, 2020
Posted In: Blog

Four Common Retirement Plan Disputes and How to Resolve Them 

You work hard all your life with the hopes of spending time pursuing hobbies and activities you enjoy during your retirement. Retirement and pension plan benefits provided through…

12 May, 2020
Posted In: ERISA

Common Issues That Can Arise Over Pension Plans Benefits

Pension plan benefits can help ensure your future financial security. They often play a major role in choosing to work with a certain employer or to take a…

06 Aug, 2019