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Posted In: Pension Plans

Court Affirms Denial of Pension Benefits to Daughter

A recent decision out of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is a timely reminder that the decisions of plan administrators will be upheld provided they are reasonable.…

10 Sep, 2018
Posted In: ERISA

ERISA Pension Claims Often Turn on Plan Interpretation; The Right Pension Lawyer Can Make a...

ERISA pension plans are peppered through the country, though the lawyers who know the plans’ inner workings and represent individuals are rare.  Nowhere are there more pension plans…

30 Sep, 2017

How ERISA Protects Your Rights In Employment Discrimination Cases

Federal laws prohibit job discrimination. In the event of a wrongful firing or discharge, you may able to seek damages through a discrimination lawsuit, while any employee benefits…

05 Sep, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Three Issues To Consider With Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Increasing numbers of businesses are offering Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) as a way of staying competitive in terms of attracting top quality job candidates. While being offered…

20 Jul, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

The Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation

Pensions provide employees with important benefits upon retirement that are usually based on a combination of a person’s salary and years of service. As a result, employees can…

20 Jun, 2017