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Severance benefit claims arise in several different contexts. Discuss your case for free with Michael Bartolic, LLC at (312) 635-1600.

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Four Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer Who Focuses on ERISA Claims

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a complex federal law that regulates the overwhelming majority of employer-backed group benefits plans. This includes most retirement plans and…

19 Feb, 2019

How ERISA Protects Your Rights In Employment Discrimination Cases

Federal laws prohibit job discrimination. In the event of a wrongful firing or discharge, you may able to seek damages through a discrimination lawsuit, while any employee benefits…

05 Sep, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Severance Benefits And Older Adult Workers

As an employee, you cannot be let go simply on account of your age, but you could have your position eliminated. In this case, you may be entitled…

22 Aug, 2017

Michael Bartolic Converts Severance Benefit Claim to Class Action and Files Early Motion for Class...

Employees in Chicago covered by an employer-sponsored benefit plan governed by ERISA, such as severance, health insurance, or long-term disability, often do not realize the systemic issues involved…

29 Oct, 2014

Combined Deferred Compensation and Severance Agreements Not Necessarily ERISA Plans

Executives in Chicago and the Midwest, especially working for small to mid-size employers, often negotiate into their employment agreements some form of deferred compensation and/or severance compensation. Until…

30 Jun, 2011