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Michael Bartolic, LLC handles cases of short term disability benefits under plans in the Chicago area.

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Handling an Independent Medical Exam

Many long-term disability insurers are resistant to pay out benefits. Often, they suspect that claimants are exaggerating their injuries, and one technique for challenging claims is to request…

27 Nov, 2018
Posted In: ERISA

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Request for Discovery Outside of Claim File

In February of 2018, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an instructive decision in the case of Dragus v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company. This dispute centered…

17 Apr, 2018
Posted In: ERISA

New ERISA Disability Claims Procedure Set to Take Effect on April 1st, 2018

Earlier this year, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced that new ERISA disability claims procedures will be taking effect on April 1st, 2018. The new regulations…

17 Apr, 2018
Posted In: ERISA

Filing an ERISA Claim by the Correct Deadline

Under The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), employees who have wrongly been denied benefits or who have other benefit-related claims can file lawsuits in court. However, they…

06 Jun, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Were Your Disability Benefits Overpaid? Understanding Your Rights and Obligations

  Contact An Oak Brook Disability Benefits Lawyer Today! Disability benefits are complicated. Not only can it be difficult to actually obtain the full and fair benefits that…

17 Jan, 2017