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Posted In: ERISA

Filing a Claim for Retirement Benefits

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires private employers who offer pension plans and other retirement benefits to their employees to comply with specific disclosure and reporting…

28 Mar, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Illinois to Introduce Secure Choice Program in 2018

Typically, private sector employers are not required to provide their employees with retirement benefits, such as pension plans. However, this year, Illinois plans to institute the Secure Choice…

14 Mar, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Common ERISA Disability Application Mistakes

Common ERISA App Mistakes: Talk With An ERISA Lawyer Western Springs If you are covered under your employer-sponsored long term disability insurance plan, then you have the right…

07 Feb, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

Were Your Disability Benefits Overpaid? Understanding Your Rights and Obligations

  Contact An Oak Brook Disability Benefits Lawyer Today! Disability benefits are complicated. Not only can it be difficult to actually obtain the full and fair benefits that…

17 Jan, 2017
Posted In: ERISA

ERISA Disability Claims: Four Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Speak With A Winnetka ERISA Lawyer Today! The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is federal law that requires private sector pension plans to meet certain minimum standards.…

10 Jan, 2017