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Northbrook ERISA Lawyers

Northbrook ERISA Lawyers

Northbrook ERISA Lawyers

Retirement plans and other employer-sponsored benefits serve to protect you and your family members, now and in the years to come. They can represent a significant portion of your compensation package and may have played a role in your decision to take a certain job. Unfortunately, when the time comes that you need these benefits, problems with payments and claims administration can leave you facing hefty debts and deprive you of retirement income you have earned. At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, our experienced Northbrook ERISA lawyers are here to help in these situations. You can count on our legal skill and our knowledge of federal laws that apply in these situations to help you get the best possible outcome in your claim.

Your Rights Under ERISA

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for how employers handle benefits offered to workers. While it does not require employers to provide a specific type or amount of benefits, it does dictate how they are managed and how claim disputes are resolved.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), ERISA does not apply to every employer, but it does cover most. This includes close to 700,000 retirement plans, more than two million health plans, and another 2.4 million in life insurance, long term disability insurance and other types of benefit plans, totaling more than $7.6 trillion in benefits. Under ERISA, employers have certain obligations when it comes to handling employee benefits and claims, which include:

  • Provide detailed descriptions of all benefit and plans available to employees;
  • Inform employees of the date they are eligible for benefits;
  • Provide information on filing claims and how benefits are paid;
  • Manage funds in a way that benefits employees and their beneficiaries;
  • Maintain transparency by providing routine accounting of the assets in plans;

Get Our Northbrook ERISA Lawyers on Your Side

When employers fail to do any of the above, they jeopardize your rights to benefits. As experienced Northbrook ERISA lawyers, the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic acts as a strong legal ally on your side, protecting your rights and helping to hold employers, plan managers, and insurers accountable. Actions we can take on your behalf include:

  • Review employer-provided benefit plans and agreements;
  • Intervene in any disputes involving your benefits;
  • Assist you in filing benefit claims;
  • File appeals under ERISA guidelines when claims are denied or disputed;
  • Pursue civil actions so you can get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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At the Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, we provide the professional legal guidance you need when navigating the complex laws regarding employer benefit programs. To discuss your case and how we can help, contact our Northbrook ERISA lawyers and request a free consultation today.

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