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Western Springs ERISA Attorney

Western Springs ERISA Attorney

ERISA Attorney Western Springs

When you know that you are entitled to ERISA benefits and your claim has been denied, the frustration and devastation can be overwhelming. At Michael Bartolic, LLC, we take that frustration, devastation, and all of the other negative emotions connected to ERISA denials away by helping Western Springs clients obtain the long-term ERISA benefits that they are are entitled to. In fact, it is our mission to ensure that our Western Springs clients are granted the disability benefits that they rightly deserve.

If you have received an ERISA denial, call the law offices of Michael Bartolic, LLC for a free evaluation of your case at (510) 992-6130. We understand that your ERISA benefits are crucial to ensure that you and your entire family can continue paying for your basic living expenses. You should not have to fight for benefits that you have paid for – benefits that you are entitled to. Let us fight for you.

We Fight for Your Rights in Western Springs

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, otherwise known as the Pension Reform Act, was designed to protect Americans’ retirement assets. While ERISA benefits are regulated by a division of the Department of Labor (DOL) called the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), as well as the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Department of Treasury, individuals typically have to apply to their employers’ private insurance companies for their benefits.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for insurance companies to not only be dishonest about ERISA benefits, but we have also helped clients who have been harassed by the insurance companies.

We take pride in fighting for our clients’ rights, and will eagerly stand up to those insurance companies, without hesitation. No matter how challenging a case seems, if a Western Springs client has been denied for ERISA benefits that are owed to them, we will take up the challenge of fighting for – and obtaining – those benefits for our clients.

Do You Need a Western Springs ERISA Attorney?

The difference between applying for ERISA benefits on your own and having an experienced and knowledgeable Western Springs ERISA attorney applying on your behalf is that we understand the complex rules and regulations involved with ERISA. We are constantly fighting for clients, and, therefore, we remain up-to-date with the latest developments regarding ERISA benefits. Knowing the latest developments helps us develop the best strategies possible to ensure our clients get the benefits they deserve.

Our team here at Michael Bartolic, LLC will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve. Our firm is dedicated exclusively to litigating cases involving ERISA employee benefits – that is what we do. We have the resources, experienced staff, skilled litigators, and extensive knowledge that is required to deal with ERISA cases.

Contact our office today to speak with one of our Western Springs ERISA lawyers so that we can get the ball rolling on your benefits. Call Michael Bartolic, LLC at (510) 992-6130 for your free case evaluation.

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