The ERISA Litigation Firm in Chicago

Unlike a life insurance lawyer or general insurance lawyers, The Law Offices of Michael Bartolic, LLC is a unique kind of law firm serving executives and other professionals of Chicago in employee benefits and deferred compensation matters. The Firm devotes itself full-time to representing individuals in disputes arising under ERISA § 502 and the pre-litigation administrative claim and appeal process. Other life insurance lawyers and pension attorneys may dabble in personal injury, worker’s compensation, or employment discrimination. We focus on ERISA, helping employees secure the benefits they expect to receive precisely at the time they need it the most.

You might be tempted to hire a retirement benefits attorney, but because Michael Bartolic handles all sorts of ERISA claims—which arise out of employee benefits—including claims regarding benefits under a retirement plan, it is normally more appropriate to hire an ERISA attorney if the retirement is based on an employee benefit plan. The firm also handles the following types of claims under ERISA plans: long term or short term disability, health insurance, life insurance and accidental death insurance, severances, supplemental executive retirement benefits, and any other executive retirement or deferred compensation.

We also handle claims of discrimination or interference with employee benefits. As a corollary to our long term disability cases, we will assist clients with their claims and appeals for Social Security disability benefits due to the synergistic effect of having the same firm handle both disability matters. We are dedicated to helping individuals secure the employee benefits that have been promised to them and that they need. The Firm handles both claims for benefits due under ERISA § 502(a)(1)(B), as well as claims of breaches of fiduciary responsibility under other subparts of section 502.

Hire ERISA Lawyers Who Can Make a Difference

Though ERISA was passed to protect employees’ benefits, over the years courts have interpreted the law in a way to stack the odds against the employees. The processes and procedures for securing benefits covered by ERISA are unique and unlike other state law or even employment based remedies. The law is constantly changing, and to receive quality representation, you need an attorney knowledgeable in and devoted to ERISA.

When it Comes to ERISA, We’re the Go-To Firm in Chicago

The Firm has years of litigation, trial, and appellate experience. Where many other firms will only be willing to handle internal appeals of your claim, we are not hesitant to pursue your case in litigation. Due to Michael Bartolic’s experience litigating ERISA matters in federal courts, a Chicago judge recently appointed Mr. Bartolic to defend an indigent party being sued by his ERISA health insurance plan. Afterwards, Michael Bartolic secured dismissal of many of the claims against the individual.

While the Firm prides itself on its craftsmanship in court, the biggest achievement is Michael Bartolic’s work at avoiding it when you involve him early in the claim process. Michael Bartolic adds tremendous value to his clients because he outperforms his peers in getting benefit claims approved before they go to litigation. The amount of time he invests in the administrative appeal process and thorough preparation directly translates to fewer upheld denials that result in litigation.